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DMetropolis™ is an E-Portal that contains the Ecosystem of the Enterprisation of all creative contents & productions of Podcasts, International YT TV & Audio, Radio, E-Publications and all E-activities & E-events of the Brands owned by GDM-GLOBALDIGITALMETROPOLIS. The Brands are TalkAboutLife™, It’sMyLife™, LoveCafe™, Biz&TechReport™, DMetropolis™ and CurationShop™ and others.

All these are the creations and productions by GDM are owned by Viki Esther Chang as the Creator,Producer,Director, Podcaster, Publisher and overall Digital Media Developer. Viki Esther Chang welcomes businesses to sponsor and talented professionals to collaborate. Write to

This E-Portal is formated in the latest trends of Visual Communications via Brochures, where you can read the contents in the Designs at a Glance with minimal word interrupts. All information here are purely for entertainment and not to be relied on for Research or Legal or Contractual Purposes. Please do your own research.

This E-Portal, should be browsed together with respective Portals of YouTube, and Podcasts and Apps. on International YouTube Channel.

Podcast TalkAboutLife™ on all Podcast catchers, Google, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, iHeartRadio etc over 15 platforms in over 25 Countries & growing.

LoveCafe™ Radio on, I.O.W.NETWORK App on Apple & Android.

CurationShop curates Healthy, Clean Products, and practices and philosophy..

TalkAboutLife™ TV projects are in Collaboration with Dr Mobi’s Lifestyle TV USA Channel

It’sMyLife™ E-Publication is in Collaboration with CJ Ives Lopez, Founder and Podcaster of The Authors Porch, USA.

LoveCafe™ Radio is in collaboration with I.O.W.NETWORK

Biz&TechReport™ is a collaboration with various Professionals in their respective fields of expertise as Columnists.

CurationShop™ is in Collaboration with various Curators who shares similar life philosophy of Clean Health & Clean Living.

Thank You and Please Enjoy.

Viki Esther , Founder of DGM 

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